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    FTP Voyager Scheduler Hangs - Service Restart Required


      I want to use FTP Voyager to upload data on a regular schedule from remote sites to my FTP server.  The application checks all of the boxes for what I need it to do: Upload all files in a folder, do some XCRC/XMD5/XSHA1, and then delete the local files after successful upload.  My problem is that the scheduled task seems to never complete sometimes and we stop receiving files.


      The Internet connections for most of our locations frequently drop.  It seems this might have something to do with the problem.  My oldest installation has been running reliably since July and has a solid connection.  The scheduler hangs most frequently on sites with the worst connectivity issues.


      I have implemented a klugey work-around by scheduling a task that restarts the Voyager scheduler service.  This keeps the problem from manifesting and we receive our files.


      I set the following scheduler options:

      • connection timeout = 90
      • connection retries = 9
      • connection delay = 3
      • transfer send timeout = 90
      • transfer idle timeout = 5
      • file transfer upload file tries = 10


      Scheduled task creation:

      1. I create a scheduled task that runs every 15 minutes.
      2. Add an action to run an external program.  This executes a batch file that moves files into a staging folder for the FTP transfer.
      3. Add a second action to synchronize remote folders.  This moves the files up to our FTP server.
        1. I add an event to this action that runs a batch file after upload.  The batch file is there to delete the uploaded file and is passed, "$LocalPath", as an argument.


      This setup works perfectly well in my lab and at the site with the consistent Internet connection.  Other locations have been seen to work for days and even weeks, but eventually the scheduled task hangs until the scheduler service is restarted.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.