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    Wrong colors in charts


      This is quite old problem, but since NPM 10 (?) update, charts has got some wrong colors. Some blue bars are replaced with yellow ones. Picture tells more than thousand words. Any bug fixes?

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          Everything is fine, here is some explanation:



          In the legend of chart we have:


          Blue Line for Average Receive bps


          Blue Bar for Min/Max Receive bps


          Dark Green Line for Average Transmit bps


          Green Bar for Min/Max Transmit bps



          Why chart contains brown Bars?

          If current Min value is greater than previous Bar Min value, there will be Brown Bar.


          For example:

          2:46 AM

          Value of Green Bar Transmit is 33,7 kbps (Minimum)



          Value of Bar Transmit is 37,9 kbps (Minimum)

          It is greater than previous Bar value, so we will get Brown Bar. (37,9 > 33,7)


          This rule concern also to Receive Values (Blue Bars)



          If Value of Bar is smaller, pick normal (Green) Bar:




          Sometimes you cannot see green/blue lines on charts, because there is too much data or zoom is not quite good for chart.


          I hope it helps.


          Best regards,


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              That clears a lot. Thanks!


              But I still don't understand why this option is there, and why it cannot be replaced by "more basic" setting... This really could be an option, not default setting.


              Charts look more complex now. Maybe too complex! I can't know with quick look how much is received and how much transmitted, because they are in same color and sometimes both bars connect to each other, to one big brown bar. At least it looks like that! (fex. between 4th and 5th december chart is not very readable...).


              Of course with deeper look I'm able to see the values. But for people who are not so familiar with network monitoring, this can be "too much"... For example high level managers who make decisions for network bandwidth solitions.