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    Integrating with Web Help Desk


      Hey there, I'm relatively new to managed network services and my firm is building out network management for the first time. I set up the EOC with NPM and Orion to manage our network and we have as a feature of the system the Web Help desk software also offered by Solarwinds. I was hoping that there was some way to integrate the software with either NPM or EOC so that the customer's information could be used if something goes down on the network a help desk ticket is automatically queued for them and we could notify them of this as to avoid redundancy from the client.


      Perhaps it's something simple that I'm overlooking but I can't seem to find as many meaningful tutorials on the help desk as I could with the NPM and EOC software such as the webcasts or even just demonstrative sales videos. I don't need anything too comprehensive but some basic visual instructions would be helpful.


      Thanks in advance for any input you may have!