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    network sonar discovery issue with grouping??

    Ryad Jawaheer

      Hi guys,


      Having a bit of mental block here, for some reason i cant find the nodes to add to a group once i have completed the network sonar wizard.


      Let me explain my steps:


      Settings > Network Sonar Discovery > Input SNMP strings > Add specific nodes > Discover


      So this takes around 10mins to do, there are around 300+ ip addresses, they all validate to the SNMP string and says they have been added to the Orion DB, but, when i go to group them in Manage Group settings, i cannot see any of them at all.


      So i figured this must be something i am doing wrong and bearing in mind this is all new to me i did a search for the same addresses in the Maager Nodes settings, and sure enough, they came up, every single one.


      So my question is why can i not find them when creating a group?


      Why can i see them in Manage Nodes section?


      If im doing something really trivial please forgive my ignorance, any advice or suggestions would be great.