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    Appflows for NTA or Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer free : issues




      We have a licence of 100 nodes/interfaces with NPM & NTA.

      Do you know if it will possible in the future to take the protocole Appflows from a VPX with NTA ?

      We use a VPX (version 10.x) on a VM to do load balancing of applications.

      I have installed Real-Time Appflow analyser, but when I want to launch a capture I have always the massage : Netflow is not detected on the selected interface

      On wireshark, I see the neflow/ipfix packet coming from the VPX but it is always the same massage.

      Do you know if the version 10.x is supported with Real-Time Appflow analyser ? (it was released in 2011)

      Is there an option to configure on the VPX or on the Real-Time Appflow (I have selected port 4739 because the 2055 is used by the NTA on NPM and SNMP is allowed)

      Coud you help ?