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    FTP Voyager Scheduler losing filter settings


      I am using FTP voyager mainly because of the powerful scheduling features (running on windows 2008 r2 standard edition 64 bit).

      I have my own internal processes that back up a load of databases and their document folders every evening and creates a set of compressed files with the day of the week in the file name.

      I then created 7 scheduled tasks in voyager that each run very early in the morning the day after backups are due to complete as show here...


      Then in the actions of each of these tasks all i do is add a synchronize action that has an Ignore filter of "Not Matching wildcard" with "*monday*.*" so that only that days files will attempt to sync between the live server and the backup server, like this....


      The problem is, that every other day FTP voyager seems to forget the filter and will use the default "starting with" filter rather than the "Not Matching wildcard" and because nothing in my folder starts with that it will sync a massive folder and spend days trying to do.

      The loss of the setting seems to be triggered when the action is happening but can't recreate it, all I know is if I go to the server, see the schedulers tray icon flashing then I know when I go in there is will still be trying to sync after 2 days and the setting has reverted again. If I visit the scheduler when it isn't having trouble then all the settings will be fine.

      Has anyone seen this behaviour before please, I was really hopeful when I found this system but will have to give up on it soon if I don't find a fix.