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    Help on setting up a kiosk PC




      I am trying to set up a monitoring kiosk and am running into issues.  To start, here is the set up:

      Raspberry Pi running Raspbian (a Debian derivative)

      IceWeasel browser (basically a rebranded Firefox)

          -Set up to auto start

          -Set up with a particular map as its home page



      1) The browser needs to log directly in to a map, with no user interaction.

      2) The user credentials need to be set up in such as way that they have minimal rights and can't administer any aspect of Orion.


      The issue I am facing is that I am having difficulty with the authentication.  On the Orion server I have a "Kiosk" user set up.  IceWeasel is set up to remember the passwords, and to attempt to authenticate automatically.  During the week this setup runs great, but on Saturday mornings our Orion server restarts.  When it does, the kiosk displays a barebones login prompt from the browser itself when it tries to refresh the page, yet does not take the Kiosk user's credentials.  Even more oddly, after rebooting the machine can still not log in to the page automatically; I have to keep clicking cancel until it stops asking and then supply the credentials into the Orion login page.


      More oddly yet, once I have done so I can reboot the kiosk at any point and it will log back in automatically.


      Can anyone shed some light as to what the best means of setting up a kiosk is under a linux/firefox environment, or maybe tell me why login credentials into the barebones login prompts simply do not work?