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    Custom Resource HelpLinkFragment


      I have created several custom resources / user controls that are used within different SolarWinds views. I have been able to create an edit control and set the EditControlLocation property for the resource. I am having some issues with setting the HelpLinkFragment. We host a our own copy of the help files, and it would be helpful to be able to provide help links for our custom resources.


      Looking at some of the SolarWinds resources this does not seem as straight forward as setting the edit control. The other part of the problem is understanding how / where to host the help information. Either within our copy of the help files or somewhere else...


      I've done some searching and have not seen anything referencing providing custom help for custom resources.

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          There's no good way to provide a complete URL for the help button instead of just a fragment. If you want to pursue this, your best bet would probably be some kind of javascript hack to replace the href on that <a> after the page has been loaded. That sort of thing is of course unsupported and we can't promise that such hacks would work in future versions.