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    Passed my SCP test today!


      To all at Solarwinds Certification I have to say a heartfelt "Thanks!" 

      First some background.  I was first certified in July of 1994 as a Novell CNE.  My last certification, prior to the test today, was a VCP5 from VMware in October 2012.  I have taken lots of tests and earned more then a few certifications over the last nineteen years.  I have been using network monitoring equipment since 2002.  After a short stint with HP Openview's complexity, it was quickly scrapped and replaced.  What's Up Gold was Openview's replacement.  Finally WUG, PRTG and Network Authority were replaced two plus years ago with six Solarwinds modules.

      In October, I attended the interactive NPM classes over the web.  That was really nice.  Thanks.

      The study material was excellent.  It covered the objectives and helped me prepare for the test.

      I felt that the test and its objectives lined up with many real world scenario's I have faced over the years. 

      Finally, I have to add that making test questions is difficult and I was surprised by the quality of the questions, answers and distractors.

      Looking forward to receiving my welcome packet.

      Take care,


      P.S. I see where others have had issues receiving the packet.  Some issues were related to using a different email address for Thwack and the test.  That would have been me as well.   So tonight I went into the testing account and set the email address to the same as my Thwack account.  I hope that helps.