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    Issue with Orion.APM.Application.Unmanage


      Here's the issue.


      When i'm in the Solarwinds web interface and select an Application component to be unmanaged for an application, i'm getting different results between unmanaging from the Web interface vs. the Orion.APM.Application.Unmanage.


      So in this example i'm going to show you a IIS Monitor we have for solarwinds.   This is the results of query for this appid of 117 from SWQL after calling the API's Unmanage Verb.


      unmanage new new from app.PNG

      Some interesting points.  Upon getting a successfull result from calling the API, i go and check the web interface and there is no indication that this component/application was placed into an unmanaged state.  I've verified that i'm injecting the time in the correct format by mangling the variable prior to submitting to the api and get the expected failures.  So on to the next test.


      The next picture is when i click unmanage from within the Web Interface, while scoped to the ApplicationComponent ID - verified by looking at the AA:117in my URL


      unmanage new from ui.PNG


      Notice the Unmanaged field difference between the two pictures.  When i use the API, the Unmanaged field stays false.  When i use the web interfafce the Unmanaged field get's marked at True.


      Am i experiencing some bug in the API?  Is there a work around?  Temporaily in my utility that i've written to display Application components, but grab the associated node id and just Unmanage the node but this is FAR from optimal.


      Please assist.


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          Did you pass the dates in UTC or in local time?  The dates should be in UTC.

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              I passed them via UTC. 

              I'm consuming the same time adjustment function for both my Orion.Nodes and Orion.APM.Application prior to invoking the Solarwinds API.


              In my experience thus far with the API if you pass the improperly formatted time, the invoke fails.  If you pass a time that has passed then the API will just ignore the request.  But if it successfully saves you met the correct parameters of the Solarwinds business logic layers to have the data posted to the database.. and my invocation of the API is accepting the data.  It's even changing some fields in the table.. Unmanaged is going from False to True but now Time/Dates are being inserted into the UnmanagedFrom and UnmanagedUntil fields.


              Hope this sheds some light.