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    WHD - Action Rule: Time Hacks


      Trying to capture the date/time a ticket enters a specific Status.   My choices are:

      1. Manual entry by the tech (like to avoid due to accuracy, work load, etc.),

      2. Retrieve from History (don't know how to do this for several hundred tickets per pull),

      3. Autopopulate by Action Rule which would populate a custom field upon entering a given Status. 


      Prefer the Action Rule solution except that Action Rule "action" can't seem to automatically the current date/time field.


      Any help would be appreciated.


        • Re: WHD - Action Rule: Time Hacks

          I've worked around this by establishing custom date/time group fields that the Techs have to populate manually. It's painful, but the required data is being collected.


          Will relook this need and write a new Idea or Forum Questions, if needed.