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    Need advice on advanced PM scenario (branch office)





      Our HQ is in Stockholm, Sweden and we have a branch office in Singapore. We have our main WSUS server also with PM on here at HQ. We have a downstream replica server in Singapore. I want to manage the entire WSUS/PM environment here from HQ but make sure that MS/3rd party updates are not downloaded from HQ by the clients in Singapore.



      I know how to make sure that doesn't happen in plain WSUS, but what PM software do I need to install in Singapore? Do I need another application server with all roles, or does an automation/management server suffice? If so, how do I choose to just install those roles? I can't understand how to do it with the PM 2.0 installation file I just downloaded from the customer portal. The installation file is this: SolarWinds-Orion-PM-v2.0-FullWithSql.exe