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    Patch Manager Orion Website Report


      Hello All,


      I have a quesiton about Patch Manger and the Orion website.  I am on Version 2.0.2146 and I would love to be able to create an report to show the 'Last Contact' entry for all the workstations and servers in my environment.  Has anyone else configured a report like this, or could you give me some suggestions.


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          Lawrence Garvin

          The Patch Manager/Orion website is currently a read-only resource, and does not provide any data related to the clients contact/report time to the WSUS server; however, this information is available via the Patch Manager reporting system, and a report can be created, scheduled, and exported as HTML such that this information can be made available via a web browser.


          In the "Windows Server Update Services" report category there is a report named "Workstations with approved update percentages". Aside from all of the ancillary information available from this report, the Last Sync (Contact) Time and Last Report Time are available. You can remove the extraneous columns and save this as a new report that provides just contact timestamps. Having done that, you can then schedule the report and configure it to export the report as an HTML file. From there, the webserver can access the HTML file direct from the Patch Manager server (the HTML file will be written to %ProgramFiles%\SolarWinds\Patch Manager\Server\exports), or you can script a copy operation to transfer the HTML file to the webserver.

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            Thank you LGarvin, that is what I was looking for.