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    View Layouts reset after 2.0 upgrade


      My View Layouts were reset after I upgraded from 1.85.490 to 2.0.2146.0.  I had the exact same problem when I upgraded to 1.85.


      Custom Views reset after 1.85 Update


      I deleted the SolarWinds file in the MMC directory, restarted PM, and noticed that all the windows were a lot faster.  I am thinking I may have had a corrupt MMC file.  Hard to say, so I thought I would just put my experience out there.



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          Lawrence Garvin

          We know there were issues with earlier upgrades because of the changes in folder locations; however, I'm concerned that you encountered this issue (again) after upgrading v1.85 to v2.0.


          I'm inquiring internally on this question; however, it would also be helpful to open a Support Ticket on this issue so there is an actual Customer Issue to track the behavior against.