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    Ticket Status that follows a workflow


      Does anyone know if it is possible to have the ticket status only be able to be changed to another selected status?


      I want the ticket status to follow a workflow and not be able to go outside of that workflow, ie: a ticket that has a status of "awaiting replacement" then can only be set to " replacement assigned" or "closed".


      on another question:

      I also want to be only able to close a ticket if it has met a certain criteria, such as a custom field has had data entered before you can close the ticket and only on selected ticket types.

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          Peter Krutý



          the first request is not possible at the moment and I created Feature Request # 292704 in our systems.


          For second request, you can define that given custom field is required. Wouldn't that suffice?



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              Thanks for adding it as a feature request,


              Regarding the second request, my custom field is a yes / no option however i only want the job to be able to close if it is set to yes. Also, if i make it a required field it would mean i would have to select an option as soon as i create the ticket? In this case it would not be helpful as the default selection when we create these tickets would be "no".


              It's possible i'm going about this wrong and i just need to re-think my processes.

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                  Marking a custom field as required is not enough. There is already an open FR you can see it/vote it here (http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/1892) to increases the power of Custom fields. Yes you can say it is mandatory at ticket creation time but I may not know the information at this time but if its part of a workflow or approval process I may find the information out at a certain time then have a different cab group use that information further down the line.


                  It really feels at this time custom fields are a feather that was tacked on but they hold very little useful power.