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    FOE for three or more servers in a single environment


      Hi everyone


      I'm interested in installing FOE in a DR topology with three NPM servers located at three seperate sites (each having a different public address, of course). Only one server would be active, the others would be passive (preferably with auto-switchover). This means that two or more servers would replicate the data from the active server, and should the active server be unreachable on its channel then one of the other servers would become active (obviously if priorities could be established between the three servers, this would be best). Is it possible to build such an architecture, and if not is it in the roadmap?  CA Spectrum is able to cluster several assurance servers over the WAN for over 5 years so I would assume such functionality has been requested in the past.


      If this feature won't be supported in the forseeable future, is it possible to make site A the Active node and sites B and C replicas of site A so that a manual switchover is possible from either Site B or Site C?


      Thanks for your time,