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    VMWare DPM - How does VMan deal with this?


      Hi All


      I have been asked the question by our virtualisation team "If we switch on DPM (Distributed Power Management) within VMWare how will Solarwinds Deal with it?"


      At present we have not purchased Virtualisation manager, but are looking at the possibility, so the question is, if an esx host is put into standby by DPM will there be an alert raised or does VMan deal with this and stop the alert from being raised by NPM and SAM?


      Also on another point, can this be set up so the alerts arent raised SAM and NPM if we do not have VMan




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          Hi Simon,


          NPM, SAM, and VMAN are 3 different products in the SolarWinds portfolio. The alerting and collection engines between the products are different and one product does not (generally) tell another product whether or not to alert on something. There are some sublteties here I'm overlooking, but that's generally how it works.


          At the moment, neither Virtualization Manager nor NPM/SAM collect VMware Events. Unfortunately, VMware Events appear to be the only way to get information about whether a standby operation was DRS related or not, as described in this documentation. vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center.


          Event Type

          Event Name

          Entering Standby mode (about to power off host)


          Successfully entered Standby mode (host power off succeeded)


          Exiting Standby mode (about to power on the host)


          Successfully exited Standby mode (power on succeeded)


          Currently, we do collect some information in VMAN about DPM, but it does not appear to be enough to support the above use case. The product currently supports these attributes for clusters (and related objects):


          *.cluster.dpm.enabled - If 'true', DPM is enabled on the Cluster, 'false' otherwise.

          *.cluster.dpm.mode -The operating mode of DPM if it is enabled.

          *.cluster.dpm.hostPowerActionRate - DPM generates only those recommendations that are above the specified rating. Ratings vary from 1 to 5. This setting applies to both manual and automated (@link DpmBehavior) DPM clusters.

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            Glad you posted this question because we were just looking at how to solve the same thing.  It's too bad that VMWare/Hyper-V don't support an option to run some sort of script when they change the power state of a host system because you could then have it send a request to the Orion API to Unmanaged the system.