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    UDT 3.0.1 polling jobs... what is their status?


      UDT appears to have jobs polling the layer2 and layer3 status. I have been trying to figure out why not all of our switches are reporting the port information


      SELECT JobType,JobLastResult,count(*) FROM UDT_Job  group by JobType,JobLastResult




      So, either 100% of my layer3 jobs are failing, or 85% of my layer2 jobs are failing...

      The layer3 devices are a mixture of cisco and Juniper;

      The ~5000 layer2 devices are a mixture of HP, SMC, D-Link, Juniper, and cisco..


      This does not seem good to me

      Q. shouldn't there be a better way to surface this kind of issue? a polling alert of some kind?

      Q. Anyone else with large installs of UDT having problems with their polling jobs?