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    SQL DATABASE For Solarwinds large enterprise.


      I am going to build a SQL Server for a new Orion deployment NPM, NTA, IPAM, SAM, UDT, NCM. I was wondering if some of you guys could give me some pointers to my design  as the equipment has already been purchase.



      SQL Server 2012 Standard stand alone physical box 8 disk and 1 fusion IO card.


      Duel CPUs 2.2Ghz 16 Cores total

      RAM = 72GB

      10K RAID 1 for OS 450GB

      15K RAID 0 for TempDB 900GB

      10K RAID 1 for Transaction LOG 450GB

      10K RAID 0 for DB Backup 900GB will be sent to NAS.

      Fusion IO Card enterprise-grade for DATA File 800GB



      Network Elements : 32859

      Nodes                    : 1908

      Interfaces              : 6627


      Default Node Poll Interval        : 30 seconds

      Default Interface Poll Interval  : 30 seconds

      Default Volume Poll Interval     : 120 seconds

      Default Rediscovery Interval    : 15 minutes

      Default Node Statistics Poll Interval        : 10 minutes

      Default Interface Statistics Poll Interval  : 10 minutes

      Default Volume Statistics Poll Interval     : 15 minutes

      Retain Detail Stats 21 Days

      Retain Hourly Stats 60 Days

      Retain Daily Stats 365 Days

      Retain Events 30 Days


      1 main Solarwinds server and 3 additional pullers and 1 extra WEB Server  "VMs" for 30 consistent users. I also need to keep historical data for 12 months.



      My questions:


      Would this work for best performance ?


      I know I have raid Zero, one disk fails and SQL will stop working but I don't mind as long as the database DATA does not get damage is this true?