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    Speed improvment


      I am pleased to announce that our Orion speed issues have been resolved.


      We had been using our current physical solarwinds physical boxes for a few years and recently the performance was going down hill, at most times it was to frustrating to even use.


      I moved SQL to a virtual cluster---Little to no difference on performance


      I p2ved the solarwinds server and put it on a new blade---Little to no difference on performance



      I reinstalled everything on a brand new server 2012 R2. **With less resources than my physical box had. About half the ram

      • SAM
      • NPM
      • VNQM
      • IPAM
      • NCM
      • NTA ---Separated Flow data to different server


      The speed when switching between nodes, and pages has been greatly improved! I can now ask all the admins to start using it again