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    NPM 10.5 Custom Report with Multiple Universal Device Pollers?



      I am trying to create a custom report with the NPM 10.5 report writer for Fan Status on Cisco nodes.

      I have the following Universal Device Pollers assigned to my Cisco Nodes: ciscoEnvMonFanState and ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr.

      It seems that I can create a custom report using either of the pollers, but not both at the same time.

      What I am trying to accomplish, is having the Fan Description and the Fan State on the same row of the report.

      This is an example of what my custom report currently looks like, with just the ciscoEnvMonFanState OID:


      I want to accomplish the below output using both ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr and ciscoEnvMonFanState pollers on the same row of the report, but can't seem to figure out how:



      Has anybody done this? And is it possible with NPM 10.5?