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    AlertCentral <-VPN-> Orion




      Background on implementation


      Orion Server with SAM(6.0.1)/NPM(10.6) in a remote location (Local firewall exception added for port 17778). Alert Central (1.1.x) running in our COLO.


      AC ( <- VPN IPsec [avg latency 350 - 400ms] -> Orion (


      AlertCentral did manage to connect to Orion and established a connection successfully. I can ping both hosts both ways and Orion is able to connect to both port 80 and 443 on


      SO, here's the problem, I've been seeing alerts generate by Orion, and AlertCentral did not pick it up! I even looked at the logs for the apache-tomcat service and I don't see any connections or login/requests made to AlertCentral from Orion. Can someone please tell me if there is a log I can look at on Orion to debug this issue, and if I'm missing something regarding extra access needs.


      Lastly why can't I force an update on alert central to Orion?




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          Hi, Danie.


          If you establish connection successfully (all test pass green when you add new ORION source), then you must not have problems with connectivity (both instances can see each other).

          If you don't have alerts from ORION than you can't see requests from AC to ORION in AC logs.

          It's responsibility of ORION to tell AC that he has some new alerts or updates about old one.

          AC will connect to ORION if some alert (from concrete ORION source) will be modified (note added, someone close alert, etc. -- then appropriate message will be posted to corresponding ORION alert).

          It looks like ORION unable to notify AC about new alerts.

          ORION logs can be found at C:/ >> ProgramData (hidden folder) >> Solarwinds >> InformationService (seems like correct module, but I can be wrong here).


          Additional troubleshoot information:

          Can you access SolarWindsOrion database?

          You can verify there existence of your AC instance and FailDeliveryAttempts count


          Can you validate also link (from any alert) from AC notification? Can you access AC by this link?




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