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    UnDP - The OID is not supported...but it is...


      I'm working on troubleshooting some issues with a Barracuda Spam Firewall.  We have SNMP OIDs defined, per the Barracuda documentation, for:  inQueueSize, outQueueSize, deferredQueueSize, avgEmailLatency, and notifyQueueSize.


      The Barracuda documentation lists these as:

                  OID                             Object                                               Description    


      Number of messages waiting to be processed by the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall.


      Number of messages waiting to be sent to the mail server. Note that alerts and notifications are queued separately from outbound email.


      Number of messages deferred because they could not be processed, and will be requeued for processing.


      Difference between the time a message was received by the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall and the time it is sent to the mail server.


      Count of messages in the notification queue.


      When polling these from the command line, they all work:

      $ snmpget -On -v2c -c public

      . = INTEGER: 5

      $ snmpget -On -v2c -c public

      . = INTEGER: 3087

      $ snmpget -On -v2c -c public

      . = INTEGER: 9

      snmpget -On -v2c -c public

      . = INTEGER: 2

      snmpget -On -v2c -c public

      . = INTEGER: 1


      When polling them from the Orion UnDP poller, I get "The OID is not supported."




      Any ideas?  Even stranger?  These are already built within Orion, but the numbers being returned are incorrect: