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    How to bulk modify Clients with Import data ?




      We have added a new Custom field to the Client and wish to fill this with a csv file import.

      We have fill our file and import it, however nothing has been added to the new custom field.


      Can we use the csv file import to modify the data within Web Help Desk ?



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          Peter Krutý

          Hi Mathieu,

          it is possible to modify clients using import. Just make sure your sync attribute is correct and you follow the data format and also use template downloaded from WHD (not something you used previously, as the format or fields may be different).


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            Mathieu, I just created a custom field for clients called Test Field, and was able to successfully update it through the import feature. Some things to check:

            • Make sure you are downloading the latest template from the import page. It will include the correct column with the custom field name.
            • Make sure your sync attribute matches up with what you already have for your clients (email or username). If you don't have "add new entities" checked and your sync attribute doesn't match any existing client, nothing will happen.
            • It wouldn't hurt to check to make sure you have permission to edit the custom field. Make sure that techs are selected as "editable" for that field. I don't know if this makes a difference, but it's something to check. You can always make it just visible later if you want.