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    UDT Advanced port filtering




      I'm trying to import a group of 13 Juniper EX2200 switches into UDT 3.01, but I only want to import certain ports into UDT.


      For example, I don't want to import the ports named "bme0", or I only want to import the ports witch start with "ge-0/"


      If I click on the "trunk" option, UDT doesn't recognise which are the Trunk/Uplink ports NPM knew what they where.


      Anything I type into the advanced filtering doesn't seem to bare any results. It worked with earlier versions of UDT but for some reason, not this one.







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          Hi Greg,

          - if you just import all ports, does it work?

          - have you tried to import all of the ports and then to un-manage those you don't want? ( trunks?)

          - could you be please more specific on how do you use advanced filtering? ( what has worked before and now isn't?)



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              IMNSHO UDT discovery is broken, it's been more broken since 2.0 when the way one configured ARP-table reading changed.

              a) there is no periodic rediscovery function

              b) there is no easy way to filter UDT ports on a large scale... we have over 4000 switches and 300,000 user-access ports, yet we have 576,000 ports in udt_ports.

              c) udt discovery asks the device for things it does not need at discovery! why does it need to read the whole ARP, and MAC tables from the device? this information will be polled during the first poll job anyway. all it needs do is pull the interface information, and maybe the vlan information and ask what needs to be montored.

              d) why is there no API support for it? I honestly don't need to 'discover' devices, our CMDB already has the port and layer2/3 support information in it: I could simply load this into Solarwinds and be done if there was an API to add a udt node, add a layer3 or layer2 job, add a UDT_port.


              I can't even get it to reliably discover devices let alone the interfaces (e.g. I have a couple of hundred cisco2921 routers and if I run discovery against them it will not work against a random subset of them (case open on this)

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                If I just want to import all ports then it works fine,
                I really want to bang my head against a brick wall with this product. It's not upto scratch in the slightest.

                Juniper use a port range of ge-0/0/0 to ge-0/0/47 and I can't see how I'm meant to translate this into the port range box.

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                Has anyone at Solarwinds actually tried to import multiple Juniper switches in one go into UDT?

                I've got 30 switches now waiting to be imported into UDT, but because I can't filter out the ports I don't want without going into each individual switch, it's just not worth it.

                I can't even use the port range feature, it just returns a result of 0 ports.