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    Responding to AC email notifications does not seem to be working


      Our Alert Central server is correctly sending emails out to our users.  However, when a link in the email like [Acknowledge][Refuse][Close] is selected, a new email is opened addressed to the alert central email with what appears to be the correct subject line (like: RE: [AC-Notify] Blocking Detected - NID[23]) and a verb like "ack" in the body.  When the email is sent, the alert is not processed according to the request made in the email.  For example, the alert is not acknowledged when ack is sent. 


      There is no indication of a problem other than the alert not being processed as far as I can tell. 

      A similar thing happens with email validation except that the user receives an error email with the following message:


      Alert Central was unable to process your response.


      Any ideas what may be preventing this from working?  We would like to not force our users to log in to the management console in order to modify the status of alerts.