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    New NPM 10.6 install can't connect to pre-existing solarwinds SQL database


      We were running a fairly new installation of NPM 10.6, SAM6, WPM2.0.1, and IPAM4 on a Windows 2008 virtual machine.  The DB is on a physical MS SQL2005 cluster on a local network.  All was peachy until the WPM SEUM user profiles depleted all the free disk space.  We recovered but decided to reinstall the entire Orion instance on a new virtual machine since that system was buggy ever since the disk space issue.


      Now here's the new issue I'm having: We installed a new instance of NPM 10.6 on a new W2K8 virtual machine and we're trying to connect to the old SQL 2005 DB.  I'm at the phase of the install where I'm trying to tell the Configuration Wizard where the database is and it can't find automatically or connect to it when I type in the server and account information.  I can't connect to it using the Solarwinds Database Manager utility either.  However I can connect to the SQL DB using a system DSN built in Windows.  The new virtual machine is using the same IP as the old machine and SQL DB remains unchanged from when it was working with the previous NPM installation.  I'm also trying to reuse the same SQL account.


      The error message I get when using the Solarwinds Configuration Wizard or the Database Manager is the Named Pipes Provider error 40 could not open a connection to SQL server error.  Anybody else have a similar problem?  I couldn't find any installation error logs either.  Thanks in advance for any tips anyone can provide.