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    Never used DameWare? We are offering 2,000 Thwack points to WHD users interested in trying DameWare for the first time!


      The SolarWinds UX (User Experience) team is looking for people who have never used DameWare before, but are interested in getting a sneak peek at some design ideas for a new DameWare feature.


      If you have yet to try any DameWare product and can volunteer an hour any time during normal business hours central time from Monday, November 25th to Friday December 6th, we want to hear from you! Not only will you get an opportunity to influence future development of DameWare, you will also get 2,000 points in the thwack store which you can use to buy t-shirts, caps, and other SolarWinds swag.


      You less you know about DameWare, the better! We are looking for DameWare noobs, so if that’s how you would describe yourself, we’d love to talk with you.


      To sign up or learn more, contact seth.caldwell@solarwinds.com directly by sending me a private email. Thanks!