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    LDAP Client Search Issues?


      We are trying to get Web Help Desk installed and configured for the first time. We are having a possible issue with the LDAP search for clients. Due to the way we have our LDAP layed out we are having to setup more then one LDAP connection. Everything works good after we setup the first LDAP connection but after we have setup the second the search is no longer returning any LDAP users. The second connection does have the most users with about 8,700 users. What I am wondering is if this is a known limitation or is there another setting somewhere that we need to update because the search is timing out to fast?


      EDIT: Also I wanted to add that the LDAP connections both work for someone logging into the system. Only the client search is where we are seeing the issue.

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          Does it seem to be slow before returning the no results? There is a timeout setting in the connection settings 8,700 does not sound like that high of a user count but if you are on a slow link or have network congestion it may be hitting the timeout. I believe the default is 20 seconds try upping it a bit and see if that resolves your problem.