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    Alert Central Configuration with NPM source


      Hello All,


      We are currently using Orion NPM alert manager for email alerts. Email alerts are very basic and dont have acknowledement, close and reassign features. Our requirement is that users can acknowledge, close or reassign the alerts. And our manager can also see the daily report of alert  occurrence and close timings.


      So how i can use Alert central in this case?


      In Alert central what will be the source of the alerts ? "Orion Alert Source" or "Email Source" ?


      I install the alert central and configure "Orion Alert Source" and now i am getting double emails, one from NPM alert manager and other from AlertCentral.  The alert central emails are not detailed so how the user will know the detail of the alerts ?


        I am using alert central for first time and i am not able to configure it properly. Kindly help..