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    account limitation




      I would like to setup a user account to only view details of a particular interface and NOT the Node that the interface belongs to.  I have tried using account limitation by selecting the particular interface of interest, but it blocks the user completely from viewing the interface details.


      Can anyone help in getting this issue solved....



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          Here are few steps to accomplish this effect:


          1. Limit account to single interface.
          2. We don’t need any tabs.
          3. This could be Interface Details View, or just create your own (you don't need create View limitation). Remember to set up Type of view to Interface Details.
          4. Select your interface. When user logs, Interface Details page will show up your interface.
          5. Create new View with Custom HTML Resource or Current Traffic on All Interfaces (limit to your interface). User’s “Home” location is accessible, provide him some method to back to his interface. Remember that type of this view should be Summary.
          6. We won’t allow view any node details.


          I hope it helps...


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