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    NTA 4.0 RC2 results so far...


      We setup 3 new 2012 "Test" servers (vm), all 64 bit, NPM/NTA on 1, netflow storage on 2, and sql server on 3.


      We did a fresh install of everything.  Install went fairly smooth, started up, and has been running okay.

      As far as performance increase for loading web pages, I honestly cannot see much of a difference, compared to our production server with 10.4.2 & 3.11.0.


      I think the major benefit, for us anyway, will be in regards to the separate netflow storage.


      (Understanding this is not really the purpose of testing the RC... here are some of the other comments from around the office...)

      There are still several other features we feel NTA is missing, and we still use another server/tool to fill in the gaps. (nfsen is the tool)

      Some of the more basic things we feel are missing are filtering options.

      We would love to be able to use the same filter, but with different options. (i.e. "Endpoints" INCLUDE AND EXCLUDE


      Currently, we can only either Include OR Exclude within the same filter type.

      We would greatly benefit from being able to include some ranges and exclude a select few, at the same time.

      When we include a range, it seems to also include other stuff too.



      I thought I saw a "check list" so to speak, of specific things to look for, however, it must have been a dream because I can no longer find it (that is, if I ever actually saw it to begin with...)



      Thank you,



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          We will be pleased if you use this one:


          1. Installation/Deployment
            1. How would you describe the installation experience in terms of ease of use?
            2. NTA 4.0 RC runs a new flow storage database on the Orion main poller machine.  What is your preference, if any, on whether this DB runs on the main poller or on another machine in your network?
            3. Are you currently using or do you plan to involve any 32bit server in your production environment?
          2. Reporting
            1. Are you able to recreate all of your custom Netflow Traffic Analyzer reports in the new web-based reporting UI?
            2. How do you like the new out of the box NTA reports?
          3. NTA User Interface Updates
            1. NTA Endpoints and Domains resources have changed a bit.  Hostnames and domains are stored historically in flows, and updates to hostnames are made only into newly coming flows since hostname of the endpoint changes.  What is your opinion on this change?
            2. Endpoints, transmitters and receivers resources now group by hostname instead of IP address so multiple endpoints having same hostname are now shown as one row in the resource. What is your opinion on this change?
            3. Updates to the IP Groups and Applications and NetFlow sources (disabling interface) settings do not appear immediately into resources, because stored data has to be updated with the new information. What is your opinion on this change? Do you submit changes to IP groups, Applications or NetFlow sources often?
          4. NTA Reliability
            1. Do you notice any gaps in the flow data collected by NTA?
            2. Have you experienced any crashes or errors generated by NTA or the NTA flow storage?
          5. NTA Performance
            1. How does the NTA 4.0 RC impact other Orion modules you are currently testing?  Do you see a noticeable degradation in NPM, for example?
            2. Describe the performance of your Orion main poller.  How do CPU and memory fare in this deployment?  What have you noticed about disk space consumption?
            3. What is your opinion on the performance of the resources in NTA 4.0 RC?  Are they comparable to your current (or previous if you upgraded) production environment?