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    Help with IPAM Report Writer




      I need some help with Solarwinds IPAM Report Writer.

      I have already created succesfully a lot of reports but when I would like to create a report that shows the following, I don't know how to do it:

      I'd like to go filter all of our addresses based on Hostname. If hostname contains .domain.com then those records are displayed.

      In the report should be IPv4 address, Mask, Hostname and some other information also for each record.


      -Select fields: IPv4 Address, Mask, Location, Description, Vendor, Hostname

      Hostname of the device will be filtered as records where Hostname contains '.domain.com'


      Hostname is the missing key here, It cannot be found in 'IP Networks' or 'IP Nodes' that Report Writer let's me choose the fields from.


      Any help appreciated,