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    Emails Sent to Alert Central Email are not creating alerts


      Hello everyone,

      I've been working with Alert Central for about a month now, and it has been working well for most of alerts. The problem I am running into is specifically with Alert Sources through email. I run IPmonitor and send to alert central to alert everyone, which is great. However I have other 3rd party products that send alerts that are not working. I will send a test email from this source, double check that my configured Alert Central email receives it, notice that the email message will then be deleted from said email address, but no alert created in Alert Central. I know that it should be working because all of my IPmonitor alerts are working. Specifically the source I am having problems with is an APC UPS that sends alerts. I know that the APC messages are being received by my alert central email, so it seems it's having problems once it hits the alert central server. Any ideas? Thanks.