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    Changing Default Dynamic WMI Port's to Static Specific Port's Windows 2012 Server's


      Dear Experts,


      I am facing a challange in using WMI Dynamic Port's which is allocated by default. DCOM's dynamic port allocation feature offers great flexibility in that programmers and administrators alike are free from the burden of having to configure (or hard code) applications to specific ports, free from resolving conflicts between multiple applications attempting to use the same port(s), and so on. Unfortunately, because DCOM (by default) is free to use any port between 1024 and 65535 when it dynamically selects a port for an application, it is rather "firewall unfriendly" out of the box. Configuring your firewall to leave such a wide range of ports open would present a serious security hole.


      When a server makes a callback to a client, it creates a new connection to the client and sends method calls over that separate channel by using dynamic port's from 1024-65535.

      I want to restrict the default port's and want to be very specific Example: 58000 - 58200 Range of Port's.

      The SAM is been installed on Windows-2012 Server and the Remote Host's running on OS like.. 2003 SP2/R2, Win 2012.


      Appreciate if someone can Guide me on How to customize the Port's and STEP's.


      Thanks in Advance,