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    AC - alert email way late...


      getting emails today (11/15/2013) for "time of alert" 09/08/13...


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          With ORION it is possible to receive such late notifications.

          So when alert was created (at 09/08) you was notified, but nobody closed alert.

          So now, when triggered condition becomes no longer active (at 11/15), ORION post a note to the same alert.

          If triggered condition again becomes valid and original alert are not closed, ORION will submit message "alert was re-activated" to the same alert also.


          Also there can be scenario if issue occur at some time, when connection AlertCentral-ORION was not available.

          So note ("alert not longer active" / "alert was re-activated") will be added when both instances will be reconnected (if some instance was down, or problems with network then delay can be also significant).