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    NTA - Spolsv.exe on WIN 7 consuming bandwidth


      Hi, I'm new to solarwinds and even newer Thwack community so please bear with me.

      Have just purchased NPM / NTA and trying to  'baseline' or at very least get idea of normal traffic levels on LAN.


      One thing that I've noticed straight away is a lot of traffic to / from my Print server  .... Further investigation has revealed that if a user on a Win 7 client prints a job then the print spooler service (Spoolsv.exe) continues generating network traffic .. I think even after the job is printed or removed from queue.


      I'm probably posting this in completely wrong area and will be kicked out of community before I ever get started but just wondering if any other members may have knocked across this ??


      Printing a 2 line Notepad txt file can generate 500MB of data on LAN and therefore my Top 10 conversations are invariably between Win 7 clients and print server.

      Restarting print spooler stops the traffic.