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    Consolidating two databases into one


      how do you consolidate two servers both sql2005 databases into a single sql2008R2 database NPM v10.1. : one is on NPM v8.5 (sql05database:NetPerfMon)  and the other one is on NPM v9.1 (sql05database:solarwinds). Once consolidated, the end result should just like once they were two single instance, in terms of reporting, custom properties, and alerting. I am trying to find the best solution in our environment. thanks in advance

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          Steven Klassen

          If we ignored the fact they're very different versions, merging the two data sets would run into issues with duplicate keys. There is no easy way to do this without doing a lot of massaging of the data (e.g., shifting the unique identifiers from one table by a lot to avoid overlap). Short answer: you really don't want to do this.