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    Report Writer not responding

    Fred Lipton

      In the Report Writer app when selecting either "preview" or "execute" the app becomes non-responsive as the SQL process goes from 0-3%  to the high 30's.  The process has to be killed via taskmgr.  Running the report via the web console returns the report very quickly.  We need to have the output in csv  or xls format so running from the Report Writer is required.


      What's the difference between running the report from the web console than from the Report Writer on the server?


      MS-SQL and SW are running on the same server with more than minimal resource [i.e.: CPU, memory and available drive space].

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          When you run it in the web you should get a "Export to Excel" link next to edit report. Do you not have this?


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            Hello Fred Lipton,


            Every report has problem with exporting to csv in Vb6 Report Writer application?

            Is possible recreate that report as Custom Table resource?



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                Fred Lipton

                Aloha LadaVarga;


                I can run a similar report but with a few less fields successfully.  It's only this one report [availability all nodes previous month] which has been run successfully many times previously.  Other reports tested run normally.  I suppose it's possible there's a corruption in the report definition.  I will try creating it from scratch and report my results.



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                    Fred Lipton

                    Recreating the report was illuminating.  It appears that adding any of the custom fields to the "select fields" section and then executing it sends the sql process from low single digits to high 30's % and the report writer becomes unresponsive.  The report is "availability - last month" which I produce, export as excel format and send up the chain o' command.  The custom fields allow mgmt to sort by contact name [responsible group] and device type [servers, printers, switches, etc.].  I can run the canned availability report but without those fields.  Using the canned report with adding those custom fields or creating it from scratch ends the same way.

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                  Try putting the following at the end of the URL when viewing the report from the web to get a CSV output of any report AS LONG AS IT WAS CREATED USING THE CLASSIC REPORT WRITER:




                  EDIT: Hmm... tests show that this does work with classic reports accessed via the web, but not ones created using the web report designer itself. Still, it should help you