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    Vendor specific and separate node details views


      We have recently add additions vendor platforms into orion npm and have associated every node to the node details - classic view page.  It has two columns in which I can add various resources.  My problem is there are resources that are vendor specific that show up on all the node details and not just the vendor's it belongs to.  So, my example is that I have added some Palo Alto devices where before we only had Cisco hardware in Orion.  One of the resources I have applied in the node details page is 'Cisco Buffer Failures - Today'.  Since that is not a valid resource for the Palo Alto, I removed it as an option in the manage views page when looking at the Palo Alto node....To my surprise the resource was removed from all devices that this view uses as its default view.


      My questions is: what's the best way to create uniqueness in these views so other vendor resources do not appear on the page and how do I go about accomplishing it?