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    Creating a New Web-Based Report



            I'm trying to create a new web based report.  The manual and web search say:


      Creating a New Web-Based Report

      Modifying an existing web-based report is often the simplest and most direct way to create a new report, but creating an entirely new web-based report is only moderately more difficult. The following procedure creates a completely new web-based report.

      To create a new web-based report:




      Log in to the Orion Web Console.




      Click Home > Reports.




      Click Manage Reports.




      Click Create a New Report.



      When I go to the page in the Orion Web Console -> Reports, I never see "Manage Reports".  Since my account was set up by another group, does this "Manage Reports" still exist and/or is it a function of my level of access to the application?  If it's a level of access, what level of access would I need.