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    Copy a Web page into C#


      I am trying to copy the contents of a Solarwinds web page into my application.

      Can it be done using C# with the WebClient class, similiar to using Curl in the PHP world ?

      Issue is I can't authenticate, after passing my login credentials my results are always the Solarwinds login screen.

      Any suggestions ?

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          Which SolarWinds web page and which application... ipMonitor?  What are you trying to copy?  Sorry for the questions, but it's not clear to me what you're trying to do.



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              Hi Craig,


              I wanted to take a web page from NPM, e.g. Network Summary Home, and have a script convert it to a PDF and then save it to a file.

              I know all pages have a Export to PDF link, but it is a javascript function that requires a person to manually click on it after the page loads. (Won't work from a script).