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    NTA 4.0 RC2 - Installation Impressions


      I just want to thank everyone involved with packaging this new installer.  It was great to see the community feedback actually making a difference in the language used in the installer.  I was one of those people who went, "Huh?" when I saw the original installer screens.  It's so much superior now that I think it will make a valuable addition to the growing stable of SolarWinds Orion Products!




      Orion Platform 2013.2.0

      SAM 6.0.0

      IPAM 4.0

      NCM 7.2.1

      NPM 10.6

      NTA 4.0.0

      UDT 3.0.1

      IVIM 1.8.1

      VNQM 4.1

      Orion Platform 2014.1.0

      SAM 6.1.0

      NPM 10.7

      NTA 4.0.0

      IVIM 1.9.0