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    Different node details page for individual user


      Hi Forum,


      I would like to have different node details page for each user. Users can edit, add more resource whatever they want, however it does not impact on other's view.

      How can I do to match this requirement.



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          You'd have to set an account limitation for each user. There's about 30 options for account limitations. Pick one that best differentiates what objects they can see. Easiest one to use might be "Group of Nodes" and just pick which nodes you want the particular user to see.


          I use "Node Name Pattern" as different sites have a different site code. Good thing with this option is that if you add anymore nodes for that site, they will automatically appear on that particular user's page.

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            First off, some caveats.


            • Note that this can get messy very quickly depending on how many different users you have and will get worse if you need to add other views/pages. This is generally why I recommend against doing this.
            • If you want the users to customise the pages themselves, they will need to have View Customization rights which means they'll be able to modify any view in the system and not just the Node Details view (e.g. the Summary pages)
            • Each user will need their own individual account in the system. You could use AD groups but everyone in that group will have the same view.
            • This will mean EVERY node/device type will use the specifically created view. The system will not pick the view based on device type (e.g you will not get the ESX views shown by clicking on an ESX Host or VM)


            Saying that, here is how you can configure a custom Node Details view for a particular user. Rinse and repeat for each user.


                 1. Click on Settings in the top right corner of the page to go to the Orion Website Administration view. Click on Manage Views in the Views section.



                 2. It's easier to copy the existing Node Details - Summary view to modify rather than starting with an empty view. Find and select the Node Details - Summary view, then click Copy.

                      Note that you cannot currently copy a view with all the sub-views - the sub-views will need to be re-created from scratch.



                 3. The view will be copied and appear in the list as Copy of Node Details - Summary. Select it and click Edit.



                 4. Give the View a name that will make it easy to identify and click Update (it will not save the change unless you click Update). You can remove the '- Summary' part.



                 5. You can then start to add the tabs by selecting the checkbox Enable left navigation or leave it for the users to customise. You will need to manually recreate the other tabs from the default Node Details view and add in all of the missing resources. As you can see below, any sub-views/tabs you create will be added to the view listing.



                 6. When finished customising, click Done.


            Now you've created the view, you need to assign it to the users account.


                 7. On the admin page, click on Manage Accounts in the Accounts section.


                 8. Select the user account and click Edit.



                 9. Scroll down to the Orion General Settings section and change the Node Details View from By Device Type to the name of the view you just created, and click Submit

                      NOTE: This will mean EVERY node/device type will use this view. You will not get the specific view shown by clicking on an ESX Host or a Wireless Controller





                 10. When I log in with this account and click on a node, I am taken to my new custom Node Details view. Any modifications to this view will not affect the original Node Details view.



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              I created an idea about a month ago to support this: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/2847


              I've the same need -- our architects would like to have personally customized view of the part of the network architecture they are interested in. But I don't want to have to allow them to customize everyone's view, or manage their individual login accounts.