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    Monitoring Tempeature on Multiple Nodes

    John King

      I'm trying to chart temperature of multiple nodes on a single graph.

      I've created a graph of the nodes I want using response times but there is no option for any hardware sensors on the graph.

      I've tried using a multiple object graph but it will not let me select the temperature sensors.

      I've created a device poller and can print a table showing all of the values but cannot get them to graph.

      Also tried multiple Universal Device Pollers Chart but for some reason my poller is not there. Only the pollers I have defined for 2 UPS units.


      This is in a summary view.


      Does anyone have any ideas? I seem to be stuck at the moment.

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          What type of devices you have?

          Make sue in UnDP you configure the Chart in web display of your temperature poller for each devices.

          I can display all of them well, if they have temperature value.

          I think in Multi Universal Device Pollers resource, Solarwind should add check-box of each polling devices like Response Time chart. It is easier to clarify with more than 20 monitored devices in a chart.