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    Hide tabs for users


      I looked through the LEM guide and searched through the knowledge base and didn't see that this was possible.  But for my own piece of mind I'm asking here.  Is it possible to hide certain tabs at the top, monitor, manage..etc from users set up with the monitor role?  Keep in mind this is over the web console not the desktop console application.  I know you can restrict the filters on a restricted users workstation via the console application.  But wasn't sure if this is something available in either the web or console application?  Thanks

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          After poking around on my own console, and asking around, it looks like the answer is "No."  The roles are predefined, and there isn't a way to make new roles.  The sections will display, even if the logged in user has no access.  I created a test account and assigned the Guest role.  As an example, the user can get to the Build Users section, but all the options to add a user are unavailable.


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          The same sort of logic applies for the Manage Nodes section.  You can see the options are there, you just can't do anything with them.

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          I hope that helps!

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