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    Bandwidth based billing


      Hi everyone,


      i'm curious as to how this is normally achieved.


      I would like to bill my customers based on a used bandwidth. Simple enough however there are constraints.In that i only want to bill internet traffic. Here is the scenario.


      I have one internet connection, and 2 ASA firewalls. One terminating all our VPNs and the other handling everything else. I would like to bill my customers based on what traffic they generate or receive to and from the internet. The traffic is coming and going on 2 interfaces, obviously one on each ASA and i have configured relevant IP groups. The average customer could have networks comming in via dark fibers, VPNs and from behind firewalls inside the datacenter. And this is where the trouble starts. I would like to factor out traffic going between internal networks.


      How can this be achieved, in Solarwinds or any other tool.


      I've touched reports, I just don't have to SQL skills required. And I've tried to create saved views with the Flow Navigator in solarwinds. But I can only get so far with those aswell.


      Does anyone have a definitive guide. I can see on google that there is plenty on ISP billing software, but where do i have to look if i want more than just interfaced billing?


      Cheers all and thanks for at great resource.

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          Are you using sub-interfaces on the ASA for each customer or does all of the bandwidth come in on a single interface?  We use sub-interfaces for the majority of our customer base and I simply need to run a report on that sub-interface to get the relevant statistics.


          I assume by bandwidth you mean bytes transferred not bps?

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              Hi jbiggley


              Yes we use sub-interfaces! And hehe yes, i meant bytes transferred.


              Do you with your report factor out traffic between local networks? In other words do you account only for traffic to the internet from customers network and traffic from the internet to customers network? Also my goal is to get a total for every interfaces for each customer (my customers sometimes have more than one interface), so all i have to do is ad a price and they have an invoice...


              Can you do this with your report?


              Thanks in advance