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    Data grid service login is used for Email?


      I've been working on a little problem and I'd like to get some additional information. I'm working on getting an automated report sent out on each server detailing their patch level. There is a report I've modified that seems to do the trick but when I set it up as a scheduled report daily it will only send me the completion notification. I've been trying this in a lab environment but it's having trouble emailing out. Upon investigation I'm seeing the error message using not the user I've defined for email but the automatically created eminentware account for the datagrid service. At least that's my guess as it shows server:ewdgssvc in the user name of the error output. Do we need to change the service logon user to email out? Why doesn't it seem to use my username and password for outbound email service?

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          Lawrence Garvin
          Do we need to change the service logon user to email out?


          Emails generated from scheduled tasks are sent using the configuration and credentials defined for the Application Role server that is executing the task.

          In Patch Manager System Configuration -> Patch Manager Servers -> Application Servers, select the Patch Manager server where the task is executing, and view the Application Server Settings tab.

          On that tab are a collection of settings in the Category "Email Configuration".

          If the defined server requires authentication, then you'll need to set the logon user name, logon user password, and potentially the user logon domain, and enable the option "requires authentication".

          If these values are not defined, or "requires authentication" is false, the SMTP connection will be anonymous.

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