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    Force polling after trap reception


      Hi everyone,


      First off, I wanna thank you for the great forum and the resources put for IT people. Solarwinds has great educational content and resources, not like other vendors.


      I searched the forum and the KB for my issue but I didn't found the answer for it yet. Please note that I'm fairly new to netwok monitoring and to solarwinds too.


      We recently acquired the Orion platform (which is great stuff by the way) with NPM and Netflow features. In order to get the platform compliant with the policy put in place for that matter, I need to adjust the polling time to a certain amount (both status and stats). But before doing that, I configured traps on network devices and NPM receive those without any problem.


      The problem is when a trap is received, NPM doesn't update the element status but rather waits untill next polling period and then show the status.

      For example, in our lab I put network devices sending linkstate traps. I adjusted NPM to go poll for status every 15 minutes (for testing purpose) and for stats every 30 minutes. I put a monitored interface administratively down then I go the NPM and I see the trap has been received right after my action. But the interface status nor the node status are changed to reflect the change.


      Is this normal? Did I missed some parameters to put? Does NPM allow real time status (red/yellow bullet on all node pane) when a trap is received?


      Thank you.



        • Re: Force polling after trap reception

          for linkstate traps there is an action (not configured by default) for the trap receiver to change the interface state in receipr of ifUP (and a different one for ifDown). Configure those in the trap receiver and interface state will change more rapidly.


          there isn't this functionality for nodes (but only UPS send 'almost out of power, shutting down' traps); not sure what traps would equate to 'node down'