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    Alert me when a multicast routing group has different status from normal


      Being new to NMP / SolarWinds, I am trying to determine the recent change in NPM 10.5 / 10.6 related to multicast status.  Understanding that the advanced alert is now applied related to monitoring multicast, what is SolarWinds using to determine / monitor the multicast status?...i.e..SNMP?


      I believe I can turn off the advanced alert related to the multicast routing group status other than normal.  In researching the alert I discovered the following recommendations:

      If one wants to disable multicast events / not Multicast polling:

      1.     Disable appropriate Advanced Alert

      2.     run SQL query: Update EventTypes SET Record=0 WHERE Name = 'Multicast traffic down'


      There also seems to be a significant impact to server performance since the upgrade.  Could this be caused from the constant alert generation of multicast events?


      We do utilize multicast traffic; however, these are utilizing specific multicast ip addresses.  Addresses reported in the advance alert are not multicast addresses in use at this facility.

      Can this also be configured to monitor specific multicast ip address if desired?